Hi, I'm Ethan!

"Discover and create like a designer, test and iterate like an engineer, strategize and execute like an MBA."

About Me
Through my experience, I have come to apply an iterative process to design not only physical objects, but practically anything. I love to make judicious use of design thinking, engineering, and business tools where appropriate to help question assumptions, flesh out concepts, and mitigate risk and ambiguity. I am a firm believer that good solutions come easily when you are asking the right questions, and that our ears are our most important tools. 

A Brief History
I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and moved to London to pursue my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. I am now living in Philadelphia while I complete my Masters of Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania. I have touched many different technical fields as a mechatronics engineer and have engaged in various areas of data analysis and strategy as a small firm's sole strategic business analyst. 

Some graphics that might help you get to know me better and a quick description why:

This graphic is one of the canonical definitions of human-centred design. It shows human-centred design always beginning with generating concepts based on what is desirable to users, but investigating those solutions through the lens of technical feasibility and market viability. Through professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences, I have honed skills in all three circles of this Venn diagram, making me uniquely positioned as a multidisciplinarian who can wear many hats.

This graphic comes from an essay by Airbnb VP of Design Alex Schleifer in which he asserts that the Engineering, Product, and Design teams (otherwise known as Code, Business, Pixels) within an organization or product group all work together to deliver a successful product. He likens these teams to a three-legged stool: if one leg is missing or shorter than the others the whole stool is wobbly. With my cross-disciplinary skillset, I see myself not as any particular leg of the stool, but as the seat that is the essential key in transforming what is metaphorically just three sticks into a usable tool that provides value. 

I'm also a real human too...
I am an avid chef, hiker, golfer, and traveller. When I'm not in class you will find me reading, playing euchre, practicing photography, or admiring architecture.

Linkedin is the best way to see the most up-to-date version of my resumé