An app that helps people skip the line and meet their friends at a bar

BarBuddy was a theoretical business feasibility project completed under Professor Greg Critchley of the Richard Ivey School of Business. The team project required myself and 6 other students to generate a business concept, research and develop a valid business model, conduct detailed financial analysis, and provide a report and presentation on the feasibility of our potential business.

Our process was centred around determining a market need and then validating how our product could address that need. I was personally responsible for a large portion of the ethnographic interviewing and market research portion of the project. We used both qualitative methods of interviewing our target market and quantitative methods of large-scale surveys and market data collected by third parties to refine our business proposal. The dual-pronged approach allowed us to create our business model and then rapidly validate and adapt it. I was also made responsible for the team’s graphic design using Adobe CS6 and Sketch, and interfacing with app developers to develop the mobile application.

The following is a quote from the introduction of the business proposal:
“Of the many young adults living in London, Ontario, a significant portion habitually attend local bars and nightclubs. In fact, these individuals have also expressed dissatisfaction with current methods of guest-list reservation and line bypass services offered by venues. In light of today’s society’s dependence on ubiquitous computing, social networking, and technological automation, there is a need to connect nightclubs with their patrons and create a more effective solution for guestlist reservation. BarBuddy is London’s premier nightlife entertainment mobile application. BarBuddy allows users to pre-pay for cover fees charged by nightclubs and stimulates strong social networking connections, providing a mutually beneficial experience for both nightclubs and end-users. Venues are granted low-risk and free advertising by means of a customizable profile, as well as crowds of confirmed patrons for specific nights. Users are able to plan itineraries based on current events and deals or based on the nightly popularity of each bar, and then secure entry and line-bypass. BarBuddy’s unique functionality and sleek user-interface combined with its young, vibrant brand image forecast promise of substantial growth and profit within the early years of operation.”