HINS Handle

A concept for a self-sanitizing door handle for public spaces


The self-sanitizing door handle emerged as a solution to the problem of doorhandles in public washrooms. While large, multi-stall bathrooms typically have accommodations for avoiding the spread of pathogens, single-user bathrooms almost invariably have lockable doors with handles. A user can wash their own hands, but they have no idea whether or not the users before them took the necessary precautions to prevent spreading bacteria to the door handle. Thus, it would be useful if the door handle could eliminate pathogens. 


The door handle was developed through a technology review of different disinfection options. The University of Strathclyde has developed a technology called High-Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) light that operates just outside the UV spectrum at 405nm. It has pathogen disinfection capabilities but does not possess the ionizing effects of UV light, thus it is safe for human exposure. This technology was integrated into an acrylic and stainless door handle with rechargeable batteries. 


The project culminated in a conceptual CAD rendering and info sheet that describes a high-level overview of the product concept.