Modular Power Tools

A concept for a set of power tools that use a single motor and battery for multiple tools


The modular power tool concept was born as part of a class Managing the Innovation Process at the Richard Ivey School of Business. The project was to quickly identify and prototype an innovative product. 


My team identified an empty area in the cordless power tool market: professional grade cordless tools are too expensive an investment for the casual handyman or homeowner, but affordable tools are often of poor quality. In order to meet the needs of a high-quality but affordable set of cordless power tools, we theorized that a single motor and battery unit could be used to power a multitude of different tools/handles: drill, impact gun, circular saw, angle grinder etc. Generally speaking, tools that require high speed require less torque and vice-versa, so using the same motor for all tools is, in theory possible. For a home handyman or do-it-yourselfer, using many tools at once and having high duty cycle batteries is not as necessary as it might be for a professional tradesperson. 


The project concluded with a 3D printed prototype, product proposal report, and demonstration video.