PetQuests by PetSmart

A PetSmart Branded App that is the most rewarding way to raise your pet.


Our team started with the broad problem of "How might we improve the pet acquisition process?". This wide open space really excited us because of the simple phenomenon that people LOVE to tell stories about their pets, particularly the story of how they met their pet - it's never a boring story in the pet owners' eyes. 


To begin the the research we interviewed nine very different people about their experiences getting their pets. From there, we post-itted all the interview facts and began to sort. The true insight came when we identified four different modalities of pet acquisition: Thinkers, Ruminators, Doers, and No-Wayers (see photos on left for more details). Based on our research, we were able to create journey maps that identified thoughts, feelings, and pain points associated with each modality. From there, we ideated on each pain point to generate 75 different ideas, which we whittled down through voting, feasibility-viability-uniqueness analysis, and concierge MVP testing. The final concept was then developed through wireframing and iterative testing of the application design. 


PetQuests is a PetSmart branded mobile application that is the most rewarding way to raise your dog. By completing challenges with your dog related to bonding, socialization, training, health, and fun, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed in the PetSmart ecosystem. Verification of completion is done through in-app photo and video submissions, which are then catalogued as a timeline of your pet's development. See the Figma url below for a functional prototype.